The Indus International University believes in involving and engaging students in a variety of multidisciplinary and co-curricular activities in order to improve learning outcomes.

Important aspects of the Examination Process of this University:

Evaluation and Declaration of Result:

Letter Grade Performance Grade Point
A Excellent 10
B Good 8
C Average 6
D Marginal 4
F Fail 0
A, B, C & D: These grades are the pass grades.
F:  This grade is a fail grade. The course(s) in which a student has earned ‘F’ grade will be termed as ‘Backlog’ course(s).
Cumulative marks Grade
85-100 A
70-84 B
50-69 C
40-49 D
0-39 F

CGPA is the weighted average of all the grades awarded to a student since his entry into the University up to and including the latest semester and is computed as follows.

CGPA  =  (∑Ci Gi) / (∑Ci)

where Ci is the number of credits assigned to ith  course and Gi  is the grade point equivalent to the letter grade obtained by the student in the ‘ith’ course. When a student repeats a course, the new grade will replace the earlier one in the calculation of the CGPA.

Conversion of CGPA to a percentage of marks:

To convert CGPA awarded by the University to percentage marks, the CGPA awarded should be multiplied by ten (10).