Department of Physics

Programme Overview

B. Sc Physics is a three-year undergraduate course that deals with the fundamentals of physics. B. Sc in Physics aims at teaching graduates essential topics such as quantum mechanics, Electromagnetism, optics, calculus semiconductors, waves, statistics, etc..The course requires you to have high reasoning and problem solving abilities .

M. Sc Physics – postgraduate degree in Physics involves in-depth study of matter, the motion of matter through space and time, and its related concepts like force and energy. Broadly speaking, it is a general study of nature for understanding the behavior of the universe. The course gives students a scope of developing their problem solving, mathematical, communication skills and critical thinking, which further broadens into interpreting scientific data that is a blessing to scientific researchers.

This course is for those who want to discover and design via analytical thinking and have an interest in searching for various sustainable materials. It is a good option for those who want to be at the edge of high-end technology and want to pursue it nationally internationally. Ideal candidates for this course would be those who have superb numerical skills along with a clarity of thought processes to write scientific reports.

Program Outcomes B. Sc

This undergraduate course in Physics would provide the opportunity to the students:

M Sc. Physics Programme Specific Outcomes (PSO)

Eligibility Criteria



Miss Priyanka Sharma

M. Sc (Physics), B. Ed, B. Sc (Hon. Physics)